I won’t go deep into our election results, just understand I need to sigh and get out of my own way in order to be at peace.

So, I went off to a secret spot I know deep in Pisgah National Forest here in Western North Carolina, a spot I have never shown anyone else, nor will I now.  But I did also take pictures to show you and maybe, just maybe, for whatever reason, if you need to be at peace, feel free to just sit and stare.

secret spot 2.jpgIf you would like to know how I take these “milky looking” water shots let me explain.  My equipment is: Canon 70D and a Mephoto tripod.  I use a Canon 18-135mm lens and have a Neewer Variable Neutral Density filter as well.  I set my camera on Time Variable mode (Tv in Canonese) and the shutter speed to (depending on the lighting) 4-6 secs.  I may vary that to see which exposure gets the best image.  I put the filter on midrange and set the speed so I can at least focus on the water.  Voila!  My suggestion for you is to try the same shot at different speeds, but mainly from 4 secs all the way to 25 secs, again depending on the lighting.  Mid day to later afternoon I would strongly suggest quicker speeds from 1.5 sec to 4 sec otherwise the image is too bright or worse, the running water is pure white.

secret spot 3.jpgI would also add that on the Canon 70D, I can set a remote timer to 2 seconds so there is no shutter shake.

Peace and hope this helps.

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