Trick or Treat for this photographer!

So, here I am, having just raced back home after a 4 mile hike and stopping at the grocery store to get some candy.

I set up, start handing out candy and look down my street to see the best sunset all month!  Since I didn’t have time to take the camera in from the car yet, I handed the entire bowl of candy to a costumed child, asked him/her to hold it for me, and raced to the car, unlocked it, pulled out the camera and took the shot above.  I then looked around to see the kid walking MY bowl of candy over to his dad.

Ok, no problem, I apologize to the dad and said I just needed him to hold it for me, and the little boy starts crying that I am taking back all his candy.  I looked at the father, shrugged my shoulders, then he whispered ” I saw what you did, its ok.  I understand.”  Thank God, I gave him a whole handful of candy and went back to my lawn chair.  Whew!


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